About Website

PujaPath.net and PujaPath.in both websites are running by Us.

We have moto to spread Hinduism and Hindu Culture to whole world.
We build this website for Every Hindu people who wants Aarti, Chalisa Path, Mantra and Bhajan for making their live positive.

We have collection of all type of Aarti, Chalisa, Bhajan and everything related to Puja Path.

If you are a Devotive of God Hanauman
We have Hanuman Chalisa for you in every language.

If you are a devotive of God Lord Shiva we have Shiv Chalisa for you.

You can get all Puja Path related stuffs over here like Daily Panchang and Mantra, Puja Vidhi etc.

A must have website for every Hindus all over the world. So don’t waste your time and Bookmark this page.

About Author

This website is managed by skilled person.
One who skilled in Veda Puran and Puja Path.
And the another skilled in website development.

This website is the result when two skilled people meet and work for each other.

What we expecting

We are here is to save our culture and our Hindutav. So that we have created this website so everyone can get all kind of Aarti, Bhajan, Chalisa and Puja vidhi without going to anywhere.

We just want from is to share this website with your Hindu friends and families. This will help us to reach our target.